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Welfare Management

Welfare management is designed for Non-Profit Organization or large organization that manages comprehensive benefits and wellbeing of the target community members.


  • Member Profiling captures individual profile and family tree. It extends to academic study record, academic result, and health status.

  • Benefit Policy organizes aid and benefit into a structural matrix so that aids in terms of cash or goods can be allocated based on entitlement, frequency, and quantum.

  • Aid Distribution manages the qualification of aid application and monitoring of the aids distribution. It is also integrated with eProcurement to have panel vendors providing goods and services. The typical aids are cash (with the different mode of payment, including petty cash), goods, or services.

  • Shelter Management is ideal for the hostel, children or senior citizen homes, rehab center.

  • Event and Training Management focuses on the personal development, skill competency training, counseling and social event. The management tool helps in budgeting, planning activities, tracking attendance, evaluation and even offer the allowance.

  • Grant and Contract can be used to manage special program and projects for bulk distribution.

  • Agency and Volunteer are the extended features to allow external bodies to assist in the welfare program.